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Empowered by God at Catholic Conferences in Alberta

Empowering Families

"Families, become what you are...
As the family goes, so goes the nation and
so goes the whole world in which we live.”

~ Saint John Paul II

Family Life Conference •  2024


Click the Link Below to Register: Ends NOON June 24
Registration will be available onsite at the Conference.
PDF Conference Information Link

Regardless of your payment method, if we have not received your payment,

full registration price will be required.

Payment methods include: online; EFT: treasurer@catholicfamilyministries.comcheque to:

Catholic Family Ministries, Mission Hill Plaza, P.O. Box 65110, St. Albert, AB  T8N 5Y3 

Due to many non-refundable upfront expenses we are implementing the following cancellation policy.
50% REFUND on cancellations prior to June 15, 2024
NO REFUND after 11:59 on June 14, 2024.

(At the sole discretion of CFM, exceptions will be considered for extraordinary circumstances.)

FEES: Conference Attendees and Vendors
Day Rate Registrations are only available on-site. Cost is below.
Registration Fees post Early Bird and Day.png

Catholic education, formation, and support to families striving to live their Catholic faith continues to be CFM’s primary mission, thus we will never turn away attendees for financial reasons. Please contact CFM registration if you require assistance or can provide assistance to another family at this time. Thank you, everyone, for your continued support and generosity. 

Interested in being a Vendor? Contact the vendor coordinator foaccess to the Vendor Registration. 

This is an invitation for Vendors who would like information on being a Vendor at our 2024 Conference. The Vendor's Tent is an opportunity to expose Catholic families to resources faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Contact us for more information: 

'Crossing the Great Divide' 

We can all attest there have been many divisions over the past four years. This was the theme that initially popped into our minds as this title presented itself during prayer for this year's FLC theme. It made sense based on the reality that many conversations do seem to include discussions on divisions in families, the Church, political arena, faith, science, media, etc.

That thought was quickly followed by, "But what does this phrase actually mean?" So we went to the new Wizard of Oz, the great ‘Google’, and found Webster's first meaning for 'cross the great divide' is 'to die'. It did mention the great divide could refer to a great division, but immediately the meaning as a conference theme was much more significant as it refers to the passage from life to death when someone physically dies and no longer has life, and crosses the great divide into death. Why it suddenly seemed significant is because in the light of our Catholic faith the meaning goes much deeper and is rich and so hopeful in its understanding for the faithful.


And frankly, it is a much more positive theme for a Family “LIFE” Conference.

As Catholics, we understand that we actually Cross the Great Divide before death, here on this side of Heaven, when we are baptized. At that moment we are 'born again'. If we spend the rest of our lives living what we have received, ...believing in His Word and the One who sent Him, we will have passed from death into life" and we will continue to live with Christ when our physical bodies die. However, if we trust only our own willpower and actions here and don’t trust God and the actions of the Holy Spirit, we will pass from ‘death’ on earth, to eternal death.

Further, essential to our Baptismal Call is to go forth and evangelize all nations and for each particular soul, those whom God places in our lives … family, friends, neighbours, workmates, and those we encounter in our daily activities. Our actions will depend on the relationship. It may be through a cheerful disposition in difficulties, the example of our family, our hope, our faithful witness. It may be through prayer or testimony. It will always be as the Holy Spirit leads us in accordance with the Will of God.    

So the second part of the title, The ‘Power of Evangelization’, is following our call to evangelize others as we continue to walk ‘in life’ in order to bring others ‘to life’, so they can begin their eternal life with God, here and now. It’s a beautiful, powerful, hopeful, and as we quickly learn, often intimidating task.

People come to God in multiple ways. Our ministry is to lead attendees to a deeper faith and better understanding of our Catholic faith. We do that in multiple ways. We hope to empower our families to do the same. To further this theme our speakers will be presenting some inspiring and practical ways we can go deeper into 'living life' and 'giving life' to those around us.

We trust God will prepare and speak to the hearts of everyone who attends this conference. Not everything will resonate with every person, but as we pray and prepare for this weekend, we believe the conference will be fruitful to your faith lives as your personal invitation to Cross the Great Divide and be fully alive here ... and for all eternity. We can't wait to see you there!

Speakers • 2024

Speakers FLC 2024.png

Steve Ray and his wife Janet are converts to the Catholic Church from the Baptist Tradition. They are the writers, hosts and producers of the Catholic DVD series The Footprints of God: The Story of Salvation from Abraham to the Apostolic Fathers which are featured on EWTN and FORMED. Steve is the best selling author of numerous books including Crossing the Tiber, the story of his conversion to the Catholic Church and his latest book on Genesis. He is in great demand as a speaker for conferences and parishes around the world and is a regular guest on Catholic Answers Live, Ave Maria Radio, EWTN and many others. Steve and Janet have been to the Holy Land over 200 times, guiding thousands of Pilgrims to Israel and other Biblical-Catholic Lands. Steve Ray was a great gift to CFM at our Third FLC, as a virtual unknown, AND we were incredibly blessed by him.


Brian Holdsworth is an entrepreneur and “creative” professional living and working in the Edmonton area. He joined the Catholic Church at the age of 22 and has been nagged by an impulse to share how the faith has transformed his life and purpose. He uses his YouTube channel and other platforms to satisfy the urge to communicate this dimension of his life on a weekly basis. So far, his YouTube channel has generated over 12 million views. He also owns and operates Holds Worth Design which specializes in strategic communication, branding, and web design. He has been a special guest speaker at our Men of Integrity Conference and is a quiet, thoughtful, and faith-filled husband and father who was drawn to the tradition and truth of the Catholic Church and now offers passionate insight to others on the journey.
You can find out more about Brian by visiting

Ken and Janelle Yasinski are a delightful, dynamic duo who unabashedly share their lives as a faithful Catholic family. They took us on an amazing journey into their life at our Family Life Conference in 2023 and CFM received many comments “to bring them back - every year!”. Their naturalness while speaking to hundreds of people made us feel like we were joining them at their kitchen table for a friendly chat about all the important things in life. Like all of us, their struggles and victories are real and the resources they have found to be helpful are shared with humour and clarity.


Visit and benefit from their personal story as they become a light and faith support in your weekly journey of Catholic life. 

Brendan McCauley was born and raised in Olympia, WA and currently resides in Nashville, TN where he is President & Co-Founder of Humanum Project, writer, and international speaker for the Theology of the Body Institute. He holds a Masters in Theological Studies for Marriage and Family from the Pontifical John Paul II Institute in Washington D.C. and is certified from the Theology of the Body Institute in Quarryville, PA. For the past seven years, Brendan has been giving presentations to all ages on topics related to identity. Brendan spoke at the Lenten Mission at Holy Family Parish in St. Albert and to students as well. Listening to him speak with such youthful fervour about his journey and the stories that have impacted his life inspired our invitation to have him speak to the various age groups at FLC this year. In his spare time, Brendan enjoys playing pickleball, golfing, being on the water, and hitting the slopes!

Homilists • 2024

FLC 2024 Homilists.jpg

Fr. Robert Lee is excited to join us once again to begin this Conference as the main celebrant for our Friday Welcome Mass. Six years ago Fr. Lee celebrated his first Mass at FLC.


Fr. Raymond LaGrange will be visiting us once again this year from New York to celebrate Mass on Saturday morning and be available throughout for Reconciliation.

Bishop Emeritus Paul Terrio, CFM’s first spiritual director, will be a great blessing to us for Mass on Sunday morning.

Fr. Paul Moret, CFM’s current spiritual director, will lead us in Benediction on Sunday night and celebrate closing Mass on Monday morning. We are truly blessed and thankful for all our holy celebrants who will be joining us throughout the weekend.

Music Ministry • 2024

Janelle Reinhart.jpg

Janelle Reinhart says,“It’s been a wild ride friends! When I got to marry my best friend at 19, (Jason Reinhart), I hever dreamed I’d record three albums, tour the world singing and leading people in worship, while raising our eight kids and home schooling them to be world changers. God is faithful and mighty! ’’

Janelle and her beautiful family along with a few faithful Catholic friends, will be leading music in the Shrine this year. This will include music to prepare our hearts for talks, Masses, and Fr. Moret’s Benediction. We have been told to expect a variety of liturgical music for our Masses and much improved sound in the Shrine. We can’t wait!

Children, Youth and Young Adult Ministries • 2024

St. Mary’s University Campus Ministry: Young Adults (18-35) 
Face2Face Ministries: 15-17 and 12-14 Youth Tents
Our Lady of Victory Camp: 9-11 Tent
Seeds of the Word: 6-8 Tent
Guardian Angels: 3-5 Tent

God knows and loves each and every soul intimately and wants to be in relationship with us ... for our ultimate good.

We believe understanding our Catholic faith and clinging to the

wisdom of the Church will show us the way to love Him as we ought.

Attend one of our Catholic Conferences in Alberta. 

Images of Catholic Conference in Alberta
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