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Empowered by God at Catholic Conferences in Alberta

Empowering Families

"Families, become what you are...
As the family goes, so goes the nation and
so goes the whole world in which we live.”

~ Saint John Paul II

Click to Register by Feb. 27, 2024
Schedule Change Below.
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$60 Man • $50 Students/Seniors
Please register by
February 27. We need to know numbers for food planning so please be considerate. Men can still register at the door but this may adversely affect the quantity of food available for all the participants. 
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Fr. Michael was ordained as a priest for the Diocese of Cleveland in 2007. He received a Master of Divinity and a Master of Arts from St. Mary Seminary in Wickliffe, Ohio, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, with a specialization in video and audio production, from Cleveland State University.

Fr. Michael is dedicated to helping others encounter Christ through the celebration of the Eucharist, preaching, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, spiritual direction, and prayer. 

With a focus in communications, Fr. Michael incorporates new media into his ministries. He not only came up with the concept, but was a chief architect in the development of a mobile application called The “EXAMEN” App, which assists people to connect with God throughout their day. Besides creating content produced and distributed through The Prodigal Father Productions, he has authored articles published in various Catholic magazines.

Fr. Michael is the Founder of The Prodigal Father Productions whose mission is to inspire, introduce and guide people in a deep and authentic life of prayer, leading them to an intimate, mystical, and personal relationship with God their Father, in and through Jesus Christ and the working of the Holy Spirit.



  • Founder of The Prodigal Father Productions: A ministry to help people grow in their prayer life using the New Media.

  • Author of the Book: Pray40Days: “The Personal Relationship With God You Have Always Wanted.” Creator of Pray40Days Web-App and parish program.  Author of the upcoming book and web app “PrayAdvent: The Personal Relationship with God You’ve Always Wanted.” 

  • Creator and author of the App, parish mission, and parish program: The Examen Prayer 

  • Creator of the video series: Praying with the Mass

  • Host of The Fireside Chat Live! 

  • He gathers over 1,000 people for his parish missions. 

  • Leads priests, deacons, and religious retreats and convocations. 

He is a prolific writer and has been published in numerous periodicals including The Priest, Our Sunday Visitor, Emmaus, Crisis, Catholic-Link, UCatholic, Homiletics and Pastoral Review, and Shalom Tidings.

He can be heard regularly on Living Bread Radio on the Series “Faith with Father” (Covering the YouCat) and daily scripture reflections. He has done interviews with numerous local, national, and international secular and Catholic radio and TV stations including The Catholic Guy: Lino Rulli on Sirius XM. He has appeared numerous times on EWTN on Living Right with Dr. Ray as well as the Salt and Light Network as a witness interview and Liturgical Season Weekly Reflections. He also has his own blog where he publishes his homilies weekly, “Praying with Priests,” and other series.

You can see Fr. Michael every Tuesday night on his Facebook Live show which reaches over 10,000 viewers nationally and internationally. Consider it like a late-night talk show hosted by Fr. Michael. There is always a ukulele, entertainment, laughter, and above all reflection on the upcoming Sunday Mass readings!

Fr. Michael is dedicated to the Right to Life cause and has presented “Lessons from Rwanda for America’s Abortion Holocaust.” He also has the “Call within the Call” of helping people grow in their spiritual life. He has presented workshops on “Spiritual Reading,” “Discernment of Spirits,” and “Christology in the Mystics.”

He is devoted to the poor especially in Africa and El Salvador where he has taken his parishioners on annual mission trips. Maintaining this bond with the poor is important so he continues to be a mentor for Catholic Relief Services: Global Fellows Parish Homily Program which allows him to continue to spread the message of coming to encounter Christ in the poor.

Welcome back Fr. Paul Moret

We are always pleased to have Fr. Paul celebrate Mass with us and especially excited when he shares his words of wisdom as a speaker. As Fr. Michael is here to help us encounter Jesus through various forms of prayer, Fr. Paul always invites us to encounter Jesus through the Eucharist at our Annual FLC Benediction where many of us have experienced healing as we come forward to touch the hem of Father's vestments as he elevates the Blessed Sacrament.

In 2022 Fr. Paul also welcomed and preaches at a monthly Encounter Ministries Healing Service in his parish. In 2023 the Encounter School of Ministry Campus to form laity in this powerful ministry of healing was also started in Father's parish at Holy Trinity in Spruce Grove. Encounter Ministries has dozens of campuses worldwide, with tens of thousands of people completing their training, attending their conferences and encountering God through the proclamation of the Gospel. 

Father Paul believes that the Catholic Church needs a revival of a more charismatic approach to evangelization, where tangible manifestations of God's presence and power are actively sought out. "Right now we are facing a greater challenge than they faced in the early church, because in the early Church they were going out into a world that still had some religious center. The early Christians were trying to move people from belief in false gods, to believe in the true God. Now we are going out into a world that has entirely rejected the idea of any God, true or false. And so we need even more signs to show people that the Gospel is true ... and people aren't convinced by arguments. They're not  convinced by discussion. Oftentimes, what they need is some sign that God will give to them to show them that this is real."

Father Moret said the healings come from God, not from any particular person or group. "This is a very old reality in the Church, this prayer for healing. It was right there in the origins, when the disciples went out, that God was with them, and God confirmed their message by the signs that accompanied them. There were all sorts of healings, if you look at the ministry of St. Peter, the ministry of St. Paul."  (These last two paragraphs are courtesy of an article by Luke Fuentebella.)  

Father Moret is such a blessing to CFM as our Spiritual Director, but even more, because he never stops learning and growing in his own faith and imparting his knowledge and experience to us. Check out his parish website videos on the Holy Eucharist, Our Holy Mother and his "Seeds of Hope" series on the many Saints in the Catholic Church, that through their examples, can lead us down the path to holiness.  

UPDATED February 25, 2024.
Registration begins 5:00 PM
MASS will now be at 6:30 PM
Join the parish for 6:00 PM Stations of the Cross

Men of Integrity Conference Schedule

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God knows and loves each and every soul intimately and wants to be in relationship with us ... for our ultimate good.

We believe understanding our Catholic faith and clinging to the

wisdom of the Church will show us the way to love Him as we ought.

Attend one of our Catholic Conferences in Alberta. 

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