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Our Story: Back in the early 1990's a group of Catholic families experienced the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Under the prayerful leadership of Bob LeBlanc, we flourished. Our desire was to share our joy and the beauty of our faith.

While studying "Familiaris Consortio" and Pope John Paul II's plea for families to "become what you are, the domestic church and the heart of the world", Bob felt the Holy Spirit call us deeper. He envisioned a dynamic evangelization of families discovering the richness of their faith through the many converts who were entering the Catholic Church such as Scott Hahn. In a leap of faith we hosted our first Family Life Conference in 1995. God's Grace flows each year as He tenderly reminds us whose business we are about. Details unfold in ways we never expect; better than we could ever plan. He prepares the souls who come. Each year we choke back tears as vehicles stuffed with life pull in and fill the Site. God amazes us!  

Bob was not with us long enough but we feel his prayers, we continue God's work, and we marvel as his vision unfolds. We celebrate the sacraments and listen to great teachers. We are family - priests, religious, babies to grandparents, who praise God, pray together, mingle around fires, play games, and share our Catholic life. The next generations of CFMers are joining to carry the torch. Scott Hahn did join us for FLC #20 to share his wisdom and witness this "Catholic Woodstock" as he affectionately called it. As with all our speakers, he was blessed by the families and our contagious joy as we retreat to join others for faith, family, fun and fanning the flame! 

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