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March 2023 Men of Integrity Conference

thanks to the 340 men who heeded the 'Call to Battle'
Call to Battle Men of Integrity 2023.png

THANK YOU to the inspiring and challenging speakers who presented tools and resources to help men take positive action in the 'Call to Battle'. It truly was a blessing! We hope you have gained important weapons from these amazing presenters and will continue your journey of faith, fortified in your roles as husbands, fathers and men of faith. 

We would like to congratulate the winners of the 'Battle Bead' rosaries. We would also like to challenge you to invite friends and family members that could join you next year at the 2024 Men of Integrity Conference. Gentlemen, if they continue to say 'no' it's time to use those 'Battle Beads' and pray for the powerful intercession of our Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph.

If you missed this conference and would like to hear the talks, they are available through out CFM YouTube Channel.

Follow the link: Catholic Family Ministries - YouTube

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