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There are many ways to support CFM

There Are Many Ways to Support CFM

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Do you have a heart for this ministry?

If you support the need for the evangelization and Catholic education of the family at all stages of life through conferences for men, women, and families, consider attending the CFM events that you believe would help you in your life, and/or make a donation to Catholic Family Ministries.

What are conference registrations and donations used for?

• individuals and families that would love to attend but don't have the means

• Lac Ste. Anne site improvements (financial donations to the Archdiocese)

• amenities at the site that are not available such as porta potties, water, etc.

• speaker's fees, travel expenses and lodging 

• stipends for priests celebrating Mass and Reconciliation at the events

• payment and travel expenses for all the ministries

• meals for speakers, ministries, and volunteers 

• tents, tables, chairs, stages, sound equipment etc. for all the ministries

• promotional materials, programs, name tags, etc.

• storage for the many supplies that are used at the conferences

What conference registrations and donations are not used for?

The CFM Board and many others who plan and work at these events are 100% volunteers. CFM has no paid staff. We do this ministry because we believe it is so important to have events like these available. We are not part of the diocese, however, we do support the diocese. We don't receive funding of any kind, so you could say we all have a heart for the ministry, not the money. 

The above is provided for information, not a plea for money, as frankly, that is at the least of our needs. We do need: 

1. Your prayers - add us to your intentions - especially at conference times.

2. Attend the events - follow the link. Without you, there would be no point.

3. Ministries and vendors - follow the link.

You may also support CFM and families by your testimony. Contact us and share your experience with others with photos, videos or short testimonials of how the Lord has touched you and your family through this ministry. If you are able and willing to help us in any way in this ministry, please contact:


Thank you to all of you who have journeyed with and supported Catholic Family Ministries in various capacities since we began. May God bless you abundantly.

If you are considering a donation to Catholic Family Ministries, charitable tax receipts will be issued for donations over $10.00. 

Send an E-transfer to

Make a payment through PayPal to: 

Fill out the attached PDF and mail your cheque to:

Catholic Family Ministries

Mission Hill Plaza, Box 65110

St. Albert, AB  T8N 5Y3

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