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Family Life Conference Frequently Asked Questions For Your Information


Can I register at the site on the weekend of the conference? 
We typically do accept registrations at the event throughout the conference weekend, BUT, for planning all the important details that create a successful and enjoyable conference for all participants, registering before the early deadline closes, is the best-case scenario for everyone.
  1. You will receive a 10% discount off your registration. 
  2. We can ensure there are adequate amenities for the comfort of all participants. Think of essentials such as porta potties, water, wood, ice, garbage bins, food vendors, Eucharistic Hosts, ministry personnel in charge of your children and volunteers who look after so many details. Also, other details such as the site permit and insurance are based on the number of attendees ... so we really need to have those numbers. 

Registering while online registration is still open, (midnight June 23 for 2023) won't give you the 10% discount, but it will allow us to have a package ready for your group with name tags, program, wrist bands for kids etc. that will definitely save you time and the registration volunteers undue stress.
Can I and/or my family attend the conference for one day only?
You can absolutely attend for one day only, or commute daily without staying overnight to camp. There are a number of people who love the talks, the sacraments, and the beautiful community they find at this event but also love the comfort of their own bed or amenities at a nearby hotel (think showers). Day rates are available. Contact for a price and to how to register for a day. Weekend rates will still be the same for both campers and non-campers so registering online is the way to go.
Will there be food, beverages, snacks and water available at the site?
We are hoping to have at least one or two food vendors available at the site. However, it is the July long weekend so if that changes we will post it here. Other options are to bring what you need or go to Alberta Beach 10 minutes away where all amenities are available. And since the Papal Visit in 2022, roads in the area are much improved.
What amenities will be at the site?
  • This is a large site which is completely designated as group camping
  • There will be ample porta potties available, including the required number of handicapped porta potties and wash stations which will be serviced twice a day throughout the weekend
  • Wood will be available for purchase beginning June 29
  • Ice will be available for purchase beginning June 29
  • There is ample parking and wide concrete sidewalks running from the parking lot, to the shrine and down to the lake which were added and/or improved for the Papal Visit in 2022
  • There is potable water available at a couple of locations at the site which will be marked on the site map that will be put up in the Registration Tent
  • We are hoping to have at least one food vendor 
  • We are hoping to have a water truck as we have had in the past
  • We are hoping to have a truck available to empty RV tanks as in the past 
  • The closest dump station is Alberta Beach 10 minutes away
What amenities will NOT be at the site?
  • There will be NO showers available at the site
  • There are NO hookups for RVs
Can we bring a generator?
Campers are in pretty close proximity to one another so if you need a generator, out of respect for other campers, make sure it's a quiet one. Use as little as possible and only during the hours from 8:00 am - 11:00 pm. 
With this being designated as 'Group Camping', is it possible for each camper to have their own fire or are there only 'group fire pits' as well?
If there are no fire bans, camp fires can be had at individual camper's sites. We do encourage campers to share camp fires with friends, family, and new campers attending the conference. Wood will be available for purchase.
How early can we arrive at Lac Ste. Anne to set up?
Registration officially opens on Thursday, June 29, at 8:00 a.m. We may allow campers to arrive the day before, however, not all amenities will be available at that time. If that is the case, ensure you bring your own drinking water, wood, etc. Make sure you head to the Registration Tent Thursday morning to register so Registration Volunteers don't have to come looking for you.
Where is the closest location to fill our trailer with water and a dump station at the end of the weekend?
Alberta Beach is the closest location. Again, we are hoping for a Vendor to empty RVs during the weekend.
I couldn't find directions to Lac Ste. Anne on the website?
Enter the address plus code for the Site in your phone which is:
MHR8+8X Lac Ste. Anne, Alberta
or the address: Comp 38, Site 114, RR1, Lac Ste. Anne, AB
Enter your own location for specific directions for you to the above address.
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