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Thanks for your help!

People stepped up in amazing ways to help during our Family Life Conference in July, 2023. THANK YOU!!!

Our plea for help did not go unheeded and it was heartwarming to see so many new faces volunteering and serving in the various ministries at this FLC 2023.


We would be remis to not acknowledge so many others that have served tirelessly in many areas of this ministry for literally ... years! We thank God for his perfect providence and these special souls who really have had a heart for this ministry.

Mac and Suzanne MacDonell.png

Registration: We thank Mac and Suzanne Mac MacDonell and their family who did so much in Registration for 23 years and many others behind the scenes who stepped in during conferences to assist them.

Mac and Suzanne have been integral to CFM since its inception as one of the three founding couples of this ministry. Mac was the Treasurer for many years and Suzanne spent hours before and during each conference looking after registration details and being open and available for a faith-filled conversation with anyone who needed her help or inspiration. She continues to help when and where she can and we are blessed!

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Vince & Shelagh 2.jpg
Uncle Jim and Scott Rodgers 2.png

Registration: We welcome Vince Schiller as our new CFM Registrar with the assistance of his wife, Shelagh Schiller, who have both supported CFM in many capacities over the years but most notably in the Registration Tent. They jumped into this ministry in a difficult year ... first FLC after Covid, new website, and new registration process. It was a tough one but they handled it magnanimously. Now the streamlining of Registration for all the conferences has begun and we are ALL grateful. As a family that has been greatly blessed by this ministry, Vince and Shelagh have also joined the CFM Board to further share their gifts in every way they can and are a great addition to the CFM Board. Thank you! We are blessed!

Uncle Jim Rodgers (deceased) and Scott Rodgers 

Site Manager: Arriving onsite for the FLC would begin a couple of weeks early for our long-time site manager, Jim Rodgers. He was tenacious getting all the necessary details organized and was affectionately known by all as simply 'Uncle Jim'. Scott Rodgers shadowed and assisted his Father for a few years before taking up the baton. This allowed Jim to step back, or more accurately, step down from the top of the ladders he would precariously perch on to hook up lights at the top of the Big Tops. Though Jim has passed, we want to acknowledge his dedication and hard work for CFM and thank Scott for stepping into those big shoes. 
We are blessed!

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