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We are Celebrating our 25th Conference
June 29 - July 3rd, 2023
Lac Ste. Anne Pilgrimage Site

Family Praying
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Conference Line-Up

Fr. Larry Richards.png

Fr. Larry Richards
We are thrilled to have Fr. Larry Richards back for our 25th FLC. Yes, he has been here before and also challenged our Men of Integrity. A gifted and captivating speaker, preacher, retreat master, and author, Fr. Larry holds the answer to some of life's most profound questions. He speaks from experience as a pastor of an inner city parish, a high school chaplain, a counselor, and evangelist.

Fr. Larry has directed hundreds of retreats, parish missions, and conferences for young and old alike. His inspirational talks, presentations, and books -  always authentic and enthusiastic, have changed the hearts, minds, and lives of millions of listeners, and readers worldwide.


Ordained to the priesthood in 1989 for the Diocese of Erie, Fr. Larry serves as pastor of St. Joseph Church/Bread of Life Community in Erie. He is also the Founder of the DME (Divine Mercy Encounter) Retreat Program for the Diocese of Erie. Fr. Larry is the founder and president of The Reason for our Hope Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to ‘spreading the Good News’ by educating others about Jesus Christ.

Father Larry’s first book, “Be a Man! Becoming the Man God Created You To Be,” was published by Ignatius Press in October of 2009, and was the #1 best seller by Ignatius Press, having sold over 100,000 copies. In “Be a Man!” he recounts his struggles to learn true manhood, as well as the inspiring stories of others he has served in his decades as a priest. He tells men how to focus on the right goal, how to live as a beloved son of God, of the need to acknowledge one’s faults and to live according to the Holy Spirit, to be a man of true love and of wisdom, to appreciate properly the differences between men and women, to pursue holiness, and to make a difference in the world. Not preachy, but direct, Father Larry challenges men to be strong, without putting on a mask of false strength. He calls men to admit their weaknesses and limitations, while urging them to find strength in faith and genuine love to overcome their sins and faults.

Father Larry’s second book, “Surrender! The Life Changing Power of Doing God’s Will,” was published by Our Sunday Visitor in September of 2011 and has sold over 40,000 copies. He challenges you to let go of attachments, assumptions, and excuses that hold you back from giving yourself more fully to God, in order to receive everything God wants to give you.

In 2014, a Catholic Men’s Bible, NABRE, with introduction and instructions by Fr. Larry, was published by Our Sunday Visitor.  A Scripture Desk Calendar entitled “No Bible, No Breakfast! No Bible, No Bed!” containing both morning and evening Scripture passages and encouraging words from Fr. Larry, was published by The Word Among Us in 2014.

Check out Father on the EWTN internet radio show called “The Reason For Our Hope” on Mondays and Fridays at 1:00 p.m. (EST), and the EWTN radio show called “Father Knows Best” on Mondays and Fridays at 4:00 a.m. He can be seen on the EWTN televised programs “Living Right with Dr. Ray” and “Crossing the Goal”.  EWTN broadcasted a mini-series entitled “Be A Man” in 2014 in five episodes to inspire men to become the true heroes they long to be – men of courage, compassion and integrity.

André and Angelé Regnier with their faithful Catholic family.

Andre and Angele Regnier Family Photo.png

"A new generation of  builders is needed, moved not by fear ... they must learn to build, brick by brick, the city of God within the the city of man."

           ~Saint John Paul II

André Regnier                   Angèle Regnier
André and Angèle
founded Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) in Saskatoon in 1988. For over 3 decades CCO has been affecting change in the lives of the students to whom it ministers, calling them to deeper conversion and a Christ-centred life.

In 2015, André and Angèle were awarded the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Medal for distinguished service to the Church. This is the highest medal that can be awarded to laity by the Pope.

André has led countless international missions, including ones to the Philippines, Poland, and Uganda. In Uganda he helped to establish, on several campuses, an ongoing CCO presence that still remains active today. In 2016, he and Angèle led a CCO team at World Youth Day (WYD) in Krakow. Working with the International Centre for Evangelization (ICE), the team shared 1 million copies of The Ultimate Relationship booklet in 10 different languages and evangelized people from all over the world who attended the WYD festivities.

André is currently working on his Masters in Theology from the Augustine Institute. He has written three books: Catholic Missionary Identity, Five Tenets to Renew the World, and most recently, Clear and Simple: How to Have Conversations that Lead to Conversion.

André is a motivating and engaging speaker who gives talks both nationally and internationally. He is especially sought-after to present on discipleship formation in dioceses and parishes alike. His desire is to draw people to a deeper conversion to the person of Jesus Christ, and to be a catalyst for them to embrace the Church’s evangelical mission.

André and Angèle live in Ottawa and have five children and four grandchildren. 

2023 Ken and Janelle Yasinski Speaker Profile.png
Jason and Janelle & Family_edited.jpg

Ken and Janelle Yasinski and some of their seven beautiful littles.  Check out Ken and Janelle on They will become a light and faith support in your weekly journey of Catholic family life.

Ken and Janelle are blessed with 14 years of marriage and 7 children. 

Ken is founder of Face2Face Ministries and was Executive Director for 14 years. Pre-Covid and as President of Catholic Speaker Productions, he was a full-time international speaker for parish missions and conferences. 

Janelle has been in active ministry since 2000. She served many years with Face2Face Ministries and for the last several years has coached women in their Catholic Faith and Fitness through online accountability groups. 

Together Ken and Janelle create and produce online retreats and weekly videos averaging 450,000 YouTube views per month ... and they homeschool.

Br.Maximus (2).jpg

Brother Maximus Spoeth, osb              Father Caesarius Marple, osb

Some of you may recall in past years (quite a few now) when Fr. Peter and Fr. John from Westminster Abbey in Mission, BC would participate in our conferences. This year we have two 'new' recruits joining us. AND they are CFM boys. There 'YES' to their vocation is a great gift to the Lord for the many blessings he has poured out on His families for 25 years. 

To the Right: Father Caesarius Marple, osb is a Benedictine monk and priest at Westminster Abbey in Mission, BC. Born and raised in Edmonton into a Catholic family, the fourth of eight children, he attended the first Family Life Conference in 1995 and all the subsequent conferences until he became a monk in 2007. Over the past 16 years Father Caesarius has served the Church and the world through fidelity to his monastic life, teaching in the Seminary of Christ the King and fostering a love of beauty through singing and music. Father Caesarius is also the Vocation Director for the monastery and loves to share the joys and challenges of community life.

To the Left: Brother Maximus Spoeth, osb is a Benedictine monk at Westminster Abbey in Mission, BC. He was born in White Rock, BC, and grew up mostly in St. Paul, Alberta, where his parents still live on their family acreage. He has three siblings and seven nieces and nephews. After completing his studies at Thomas Aquinas College, CA and working for a time as a baker and tutor for homeshooling families, in 2007 he entered the monastery of Westminster Abbey. Over the years he has grown ever more grateful for the monastic vocation, and participates much in the formation of seminarians.

Fr. Josh LaGrange.png
Sports blurred 4 with Josh.png

Br. Raymond LaGrange, OP, is another CFM home-grown boy turned priest. You can see the proof in the photo to the right ... the guy in focus. Now he is focused on his vocation serving God as a Dominican Friar and is delighted to be joining his family of origin and extended CFM family for the conference weekend. (He will be Fr. LaGrange May 18, 2023. Congratulations!!!) 

    • ALMA MATER: University of Alberta    • HOMETOWN: St. Albert, AB

Br. Raymond LaGrange was born in St. Albert, Canada, the second of seven children. Growing up, he attended Holy Family Parish in St. Albert. He earned a degree in Chemistry and Physics from the University of Alberta. Before entering the order, he volunteered for a year in a homeless shelter in New York with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. “I entered the order because I wanted to dedicate my life to the prayerful study and preaching of the Truth that is Jesus Christ.”

Once ordained in May of 2023, Fr. LaGrange will be sent to his first posting in Upper East New York, to teach Chemistry and Religion.

Welcome home Jason & Janelle Reinhart and your talented, growing family. Jason and Janelle have graced our conferences in the past ... more than once.

Music Ministry 2_edited.jpg
Reinhart Family_edited.jpg

... and we are super pumped they will grace us again this year. Jason, Janelle and some of their family and other special guests will bless our Conference this year as they lead us in worship in the Shrine ... and other conference surprises. 

JANELLE has been one of Canada’s most successful Christian music artists over the past 10 years. By the time she was 25 years old, she’d sung for the Pope, the Queen of England and worked with music industry stars such as Michael W. Smith and David Foster. Last year, she sang for another Pope when Pope Francis came to Canada ... and to this site.

Janelle’s love of music started at a young age as her mother taught her old French folk songs and encouraged her to sing at church. By the time she was 14, she was the lead female vocalist in a praise and Worship band that gathered 400-600 youth once a month on Sunday nights. It’s here that in 1995, she met her dream guy, Jason Reinhart, who joined the band as the electric guitar player, when Janelle was only 15 years old.

On July 10th, 1999, Jason and Janelle married at St. Emile’s Catholic Church in her small French hometown of Legal, AB. With Jason doing double duty as her manager and guitar player, Janelle was soon headed for unprecedented success. Her professional Christian music and speaking career was launched in 2002, when the 22 year old dynamo was chosen to be the World Youth Day theme song singer for Pope John Paul II’s visit to Toronto, Canada. There, the bilingual singer sang for the late pope and over 1 million people live, all the while being 7 months pregnant with their first son, Eric!


Since then she has released 3 radio chart topping albums, has appeared in numerous radio, TV, magazine, and Newspaper interviews and has been garnered with several music industry awards including, “Best New Artist”, “Contemporary Album of the year”, “Female Singer of the Year” and 2 Juno nominations, which are the equivalent of the American Grammys. She has toured extensively across Canada, the USA, New Zealand and parts of Europe and continues to inspire lives with her Christ centered testimony and pop rock grooves.

In 2005, Janelle became an ambassador for Pure Fashion, a movement that pairs style and virtue to help train young women in modesty and purity in order to change the world one outfit at a time.

Janelle currently lives in Lloydminster, AB, alongside her husband Jason and some of their.

Her music with a message continues to change lives around the globe and she counts it a true blessing to be able to minister God’s healing, encouragement and hope to a world desperate to hear and know it.

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