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Event: 2023 Family Life Conference


If you are a Vendor clink the link below to Register


Please fill out the form below and hit the blue submit button.
This is how we will retrieve your information for our name tags
and packages.

Next, select the orange Register Now button below the form to purchase and pay for tickets. You will only be able to receive the early bird discount by paying by midnight, June 8th,
making sure you enter the Coupon Discount Code on the final payment page.
2023 EB Discount 

gular Conference Prices
Family: $395.00   •   Couple: $310.00
Single Adult: $155.00   •   Senior/Student: $140.00
Child under 18 attending with another family: $60.00

Early Bird Prices (<10% Discount)
Discount Code: 2023 EB Discount
amily: $355.50   •   Couple: $279.00
Single Adult: $139.50   •   Senior/Student: $126.00
Child under 18 attending with another family: $54.00

Conference Day Rates
Please register onsite.
If you have questions please contact: 

Family: $165.00   •   Couple: $130.00
Single Adult: $65.00   •   Senior/Student: $60.00
Child under 18 attending with another family: $25.00

If you are bringing other children not in your immediate family, include their full name(s)
here and click the number of additional children's ticket prices to add their ticket prices
to your total. This allows you to pay the full amount in one transaction and the child will still have your family ID# as their responsible caregiver. (Family ID is on their name tag also).
Please bear with us. This is new for us too. Text/call Vicki @ 780.984.1901 for support.

Again, the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT (by midnight June 8th) is available when you pay.
Be sure to enter the discount code when purchasing your tickets: 
 2023 EB Discount
If you choose the E-Transfer Option, you will need to go into your bank account and send money to the email:    

Thanks for submitting your information. Click the Register Now button below where  you will purchase and pay for your tickets. You will have the option of paying with PayPal or Offline through your bank to:

Thank you.

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